Linear Power Amplifier BAA 500 BEAK

The power amplifier BAA 500 was developed for the control of vibration test systems with a maximum of 500 VA. The RMS output power is calculated at a load impedance of 4.0 Ohm with 500 VA sine output power. The frequency of the power amplifier ranges from 40 Hz to 15 kHz at full power or with DC to 100 kHz with reduced power and minimum harmonic distortion. The device offers extremely stable operation within the specified temperature and voltage range and is therefore highly reliable. The power amplifier allows operation in both voltage and current mode. Its RMS output current limit is variable.

Technical specification:

Continuous Sine Output Power500 VA
Frequency RangeDC – 100 kHz (-20 dB)
Frequency Range at full Power40 Hz – 15 kHz
Optimum Impedance4,0 Ohm
Current ModeYes
Voltage ModeYes
Phase ShiftYes
Max. Voltage (RMS)45,0 V
Max. Current (RMS)11,2 A
Max. Current (DC)5,0 A
Input Voltage< 5 V
Nonlinear Harmonic Distortion Factor< 0,1 %
Noise and Hum> 90 dB
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)482 x 88 x 450
Weight (kg)21 kg
Protection CircuitsCurrent Limiting
Temperature Control
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