Switching Power Amplifier

Digital high-performance amplifier Systems for maximum power density standards

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Digital high-performance amplifier systems with maximum power density

Modern Power MOSFETs with the latest generation of MDmesh technology enable our switching power amplifiers to provide optimal performance with maximum power density. Switching speeds of <= 100ns guarantee fast voltage velocities. In addition, the amplifiers deliver a very high peak current in relation to the respective nominal current (Cx 3 -4) and an extremely high degree of modulation (98% and more) to maximize the amplifier‘s output voltage for a given operating voltage. Outstanding on-resistance values RDS(on) also help to further reduce power dissipation PDISS.

During operation the amplifiers and shaker are protected by a new type of security system. The high switching frequency allows tests of up to 5 kHz with optimal signal values. The low harmonic distortion (<0.3%) combined with extremely high signal and signal-to-noise ratios (>90 dB) guarantee the best results.

The backlit LCD touch screen enables quick configuration and operation of the entire amplifier system. In addition, it simplifies reading of all necessary parameters during operation of the unit.

Due to their flexible configuration, our digital power amplifiers are compatible with virtually all standard shakers and exciters – including grounded and isolated shakers.

Focused on your needs, we are able to adapt and modify our switching power amplifiers to customer specifications. If you would like, we can also produce complete high-performance amplifier systems with field power supplies according to your exact requirements. Just get in touch with us!

Advantage of Switching Power Amplifiers at a Glance:

  • Equipped with modern Power MOSFETs with MDmesh technology of the latest generation
  • Optimal switching speed of </= 100ns
  • Very high peak current (Cx 3-4)
  • Extremely high degree of modulation with maximum power density
  • Outstanding on-resistance values RDSON
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • High signal and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Backlit LCD touch screen
  • Compatible with virtually all standard shakers and exciters
  • Customized adaptations possible

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