Switching Power Amplifier BPS 2.5-40 PA BEAK

The BPS 2.5-40 PA BEAK is a switching power amplifier with an integrated control and analysis unit. The device has been developed according to the latest technological standards and offers impressive performance. The switching power amplifier combines modern Power MOSFET transistors with the newest generation of MDmesh technology, with module management produced with state-of-the-art multi-chip technology. This combination ensures very high output power with maximum security.

Technical specification:

DC Power Input80 V TO 170 V
Max Output Current RMS @ Sine40 A
Max Output Voltage RMS @ Sine105 V / LOAD DEPENDENT
Output Power @ Sine4,2 kVA
Optimum Impedance for Sine2,63 Ohm
Max Output Voltage p-p @ Sine± 149 V
Max. Output Current p-p @ Sine± 57 A
Optimum Impedance for nom Noise1,32 Ohm
Max Output Voltage p-p @ nom Noise± 158 V
Max. Output Current p-p @ nom Noise± 120 A
Frequency Range @ full power - 1dB DC to 3 kHz
THD @ Full Output Power < 1.0 % 40 Hz TO 3 kHz
Noise and Hum> 90 dB
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)482 X 176 X 610
Weight25 kg
Protection CircuitsOvertemperature control
Overcurrent RMS control
Overcurrent p-p protection +/-
DC Input Power Control
Internal short circuit protection
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