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With the “Old for New“ – Replacement Program from BEAK

One of our product highlights is, without doubt, our power amplifier replacement program. How does it work? It’s easy: We simply exchange your old amplifier systems with the latest generation of new, ready-to-use power amplifiers.

BEAK amplifiers are designed to connect to just about every existing shaker system, from a wide variety of manufacturers. So you profit from the benefits and enhanced performance of the newest family of power amplifiers without needing to reconfigure your entire system.  

By using BEAK technology, you automatically receive a new, more powerful shaker system with higher efficiency – without having to touch the shaker yourself. We offer you equivalent exchanges and replacements for all systems.

Gain Performance and Exchange Old for New

Focused on your needs, our amplifier systems can be delivered to fit your exact requirements. Just send us your individual request.

Would you like an individual product consultation? We’re happy to advise!